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[Owner] CottonBawl AOwner posted Dec 15, 18

  CottonCraft 3.0 is Coming!

    So as you're all aware, CottonCraft 3.0 has been under construction for some time now. After reading this update you will be up to speed on the "when"s and "why"s :). Being a server owner for 3 years has taught me much about how to run a server properly. God knows I still have a lot more to learn lol. But I've learned that the most important part is to try my best to make my server stand out. Up until now, I have been the owner for 1 server at a time. But things are changing as we are movin' on up in the world with 3 servers running simultaneously! What a mess right?! So the current standing on where we are on progress are as follows. The 1.13.x servers DO EXIST. And they are so eager to meet all of you! But in order to make that happen, we have to prepare them for you crazy folks :D. The biggest chunk of the wait has been on the developers to bring us stable working versions of their plugins so we can plug them into the servers. Now that that is complete, we are now ready to start plugin things in like crazy and tweak settings here and there to make them favor our likings. Once all configurations are complete, the testing of bugs and glitches will begin. We will do as much testing as we need to make sure all bugs are squashed and you have a lag-free experience. Remember, this would only take a few days with our skill set on ONE server, but we have now have others to look after as well. So I ask that you stay calm, fasten your seatbelts and brace for impact because I KNOW this will be the BEST CottonCraft we have ever made!! Owning and running a Minecraft server has been a passion for me for a long time. It's what I love to do! And I would NEVER have gotten this far without the help of a few friends. They deserve as much love as you guys give me and I will list their names below and what they have been responsible for. :) Again thanks for constantly supporting me and my passion, as well as staying loyal in this time of void! Great things are coming and I hope to see you all!

Contributers to the CottonCraft Journey:

1. Hoorigan - Hoor has helped us at every angle. From the internal server workings to simple problems that us losers keep scratching our heads at. He's able to fix things with ease most of the time. He has been a KEY ingredient to the CottonCraft secret Soup.

2. Dark_Shadow420 - Dark has been a strong influence on how each game should be played. As well as coordinating the many events. He is fully responsible for the stability of the Shop and overall economy. He is a great advisor on what paths to take.

3. Anroomck - Roon has been the dream player every server needs. She has more online time than any other player including myself. She was recently promoted to the Admin position and has done a great job of catching cheaters, as well as reporting any bugs that need fixing. She has done a great job reminding me of things I missed that needed doing.

4. Bexteria (The wife) - She has done a wonderful job helping me make decisions on what to do at times. She has been a great communitive person in our discord and gets along with everyone very easily. She has played a big part supporting me on my server ownership journey. 

5. Pelzie - While Pelzie is not around much anymore, I do feel it would be wrong for me not to mention her. Pelzie has helped with everything from moderation to builds. She was a great player in since of online time and communication. She always helped new players get started and I hope to see her once again. 

These are the MAIN contributers and if I left someone out I'm sorry. I could go on and on about how much help YOU ALL have given! Thanks for all the amazing support and I hope to see you soon on a BRAND NEW COTTONCRAFT! May we meet again :D

6. Rhi - 10/10 player. Is good